Management & Outsourcing

A) Advantages of the outsourcing?

There are many excellent reasons to delegate the management of your payroll, your administrative tasks and your accounting to ATEP Management SA.

1) Cost savings

Outsourcing the management can result in substantial savings of operating and infrastructure costs.

By outsourcing your management to ATEP Management SA, you will have at your service a range of employees with different levels and types of training and experiences. Each task can thus be entrusted to the employee most likely to do it at best in view of its complexity.

This delegation will allow you to reduce your costs associated with a workstation and free up office space for resources that will be more useful to the development of your business.

You will also reduce training and ongoing training costs necessary to maintaining your staff up-to-date on the latest legislative developments, including labor law, accounting law, tax and social securities law.

2) Concentration on your core business

Outsourcing of your management allows your company to focus on its areas of expertise and on the development of its business.

When a company goes out of its areas of competence, it takes the risk of performing these tasks in a less efficient way than professionals would do it and to walk away from its main objectives.

3) Improvement of the quality and operational efficiency

Our specialists offer greater efficiency, faster execution and a higher level of quality.

Indeed, your payroll, your accounting and your administrative tasks will be executed by employees trained permanently on the latest legislative developments.

4) Confidentiality

By outsourcing your payroll, you ensure the confidentiality of the wage conditions of your managers and employees.

5) Access to all the specialized services of ATEP

By outsourcing your payroll, your administrative tasks and your accounting to ATEP Management SA, you will benefit from the full range of services (“full-services”) offered by ATEP in the national and international legal, tax and accounting areas.

B) Incorporation of companies in Switzerland and abroad

ATEP Management SA takes care of all the necessary steps related to the incorporation of your company, notably:

  • opening of the deposit account
  • drafting of the articles of association, of the contribution in kind contracts, founders report, application form to the commercial register
  • organization of the incorporation general meeting of the shareholders in front of the notary and coordination with the notary
  • provision of resident officers for foreign companies

We can also assist you in establishing your company or entity abroad through our extensive network of partners all over the world.

C) Administration of companies

ATEP Management SA offers you to put at your disposal directors who will assist you and guide you in the implementation of your business strategy and in making the important decisions of your company.

D) Accounting

Through its extensive network of partners in Switzerland and abroad, ATEP Management SA assists you in all specific accounting issues that you might have in your company and your group.
ATEP Management SA also offers you:

  • to setup your accounting organization
  • to keep your books and prepare your monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements
  • to prepare your balance sheet & income statement
  • to establish your VAT returns
  • to prepare the consolidation of your accounts.

Through our network, we can also put you in relation with particularly qualified auditors.

E) Payroll and social insurance and tax issues at the source

Managing employees’ wages and keeping up with the ever increasing burden of record-keeping and changes in payments and deductions can be too time consuming and complicated to handle in-house.
Payroll administration requires accuracy, confidentiality, compliance and above all, the ability to ensure payments are made to staff on time.
We offer you and your business a comprehensive and completely confidential payroll service and commit ourselves to delivering the highest level of the following professional services:

  • payroll preparation
  • computation of, and advice regarding, income tax and social contributions
  • drafting of Employment Agreements and Company’s regulations, follow-up of litigation
  • preparation of the monthly salary slips and treatment of expenses reports
  • advice and preparation of applications in respect of Swiss work permits
  • advice regarding compliance with Swiss Labor Law
  • preparation of the yearly work certificate (for tax purposes)
  • preparation of the electronic files to be transmitted to the IRS for taxes at source
  • representation of the employer by the social securities authorities
  • preparation and negotiation of with the tax authorities of representation fees

F) Property management

ATEP Management SA offers you all the services you can expect from a real estate manager, including:

  • analysis of your prospective tenants
  • purchase and sale of real estate
  • drafting of lease contracts, follow-up of your contractual relationships with your tenants, monitoring of litigation
  • detailed accounting, detailed and customized reporting, direct coverage of the payment of the interests¬ and mortgage amortizations and financial charges, management of separate bank accounts for key accounts, management of the rental costs breakdowns for tenants
  • administration of condominiums : administrative and accounting management, drafting of regulations, organization and holding of meetings of co-owners

G) Domiciliation of companies, provision of office space and telephone reception

ATEP offers you a large range of administrative services which include notably:

  • provision of a registered address for your company in our offices with domicile address or business address
  • provision of conference rooms and work spaces
  • Office rental
  • mail redirection
  • telephone reception

For more information, we invite you to browse our prices list by clicking on this link: business office packages

H) Administrative management

ATEP Management SA provide you all the administrative services you may need, notably:

  • Call answering in your company name and transfer of your messages via […] email, fax, phone and / or SMS
  • handling of your correspondence
  • execution of payments and monitoring of your debtors
  • handling of your day-to-day administrative business
  • coordination and contact with the different cantonal and federal administrative agencies

ATEP Management SA also has employees specialized in trading activities who can assist you in all your administrative follow-up of your trading activities.

I) Corporate Secretary

ATEP Legal & Tax SA may provide you a Corporate Secretary.

The Corporate Secretary will work closely with the Board of Directors. Mainly it will ensure that your company complies with all legal requirements in force and that the members of your Board of Directors are well informed about their responsibilities in the governance of companies.

The Corporate Secretary will have for main task to advise and assist the Board of Directors in the development and implementation of the rules necessary to ensure excellent corporate governance.

It will also draft and monitor all the legal and corporate documents of your company and will ensure the best possible level of communication between the Board of Directors and the shareholders.

Acting as Corporate Secretary of your company, we will take care notably of the following tasks:

  • preparation of the agenda, organization and calling of the meetings of the Board of Directors and of the general meetings of shareholders ;
  • maintaining the Shareholders Register, issuance of share certificates, performance of the process of transfer of shares ;
  • verification that the decisions of the Board of Directors and of the general meeting of shareholders comply with the Swiss Code of Obligations, the Articles of Association and other Company’s Regulations as well as with the Shareholders Agreements ;
  • ensure that the activity of the company is conducted in accordance with its object and its articles of association ;
  • participation in the meetings of the Board of Directors and provision to the Board of Directors of the necessary information in its decision-making process ;
  • ensure proper relationships and communication between the Board of Directors and shareholders.
  • preparation, approval, signing and legalization of all contracts and other legal and corporation documents ;
  • counsel to the members of the Board of Directors on all legal issues that may arise ;
  • keeping all books and records of the company, such as required by law;
  • drafting and record of all minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors and of the general meetings of shareholders;
  • drafting and implementation of guidelines and other rules of corporate governance adopted by the Board of Directors ;
  • etc.